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Who is Anke?

Artist and founder Anke Buchmann

Anke Buchmann founded HANDFUL in 2020.  Her vision was born years before, when she moved from Berlin to London to study Ceramic Design at one of the world’s leading Art Universities - Central Saint Martins. She has grown as an award winning artist in London with work exhibited at group and solo shows in Berlin

and London.


She has inspired individuals, groups and creatives with her art work, workshops and Clay Meditation. The Clay Meditation is a meditation Anke founded, deriving directly from her artistic practice.

For details about her artistic practice follow the link:

Finding inner peace

"I was 6 years old when I was strolling with my parents over a Sunday market in my home town. There I saw a potter shaping vessels with his hands in clay, while kicking the throwing wheel with his feet. I watched him for some time, witnessing his hands becoming one with the clay and creating objects out of mud using his imagination and skill. In that moment I knew, this is what I want to do. My dad took my wish seriously and the same week signed me up for a ceramic course that I attended weekly for 10 years. Every Monday I would look forward to that day of the week where I could touch clay again, get into the flow and let my fantasy take over. Being that child that connected deeply with clay I had a vision, to once own my own atelier with windows to the street where I would work, create and sell my ceramics. 
I am very grateful to be living my dream."

The need for tactility

With a previous international career in digital communication she knows the challenges of creatives working for leading agencies and international brands under the pressure to perform and be creative on a daily basis.


Having embodied both worlds - the digital and tangible, Anke is very much aware that most of our every day in today's western world is dominated by heady activities without our body or hands being engaged. As a result we feel stressed out, depressed and uninspired, lacking happiness, satisfaction or liveliness.

“With HANDFUL I envision to offer space for people to calm down and be inspired at the same time. A haven where the inner child can play and worries, doubts and rational thoughts can be transformed during a mindful process into creations made with your own hands. Leaving you refreshed, inspired and motivated.”

It all comes down to materiality

Anke's work encompasses sculpture, performance, painting and embodied experiences through clay.

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