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How to choose the right ceramic workshop for you. This gets you started.

You are new to clay and ceramics and you are not sure what workshop is the right to start with? Let me give you a short overview of the different classes to choose from and the options to approach the ceramic process.

To see the complete list of workshops and to make a booking click here.

A. For the open minded If you are open to the journey and have time and interest to explore different dimensions of the ceramic process, I recommend the following workshop order:

#1. Clay Meditation: This session is a great start to get familiar with the material, practice focussing on one thing at a time and find inspiration in the process. You will be

guided through a one hour meditation with clay by Anke Buchmann, the founder of the

Clay Meditation. >> Details

#2. Ceramic Starter: In this 2,5h workshop you are introduced to the essential hand-building methods. If you are interested to learn using the clay to shape freely to create ceramic objects, sculptures or decorative or functional pieces like vases or bowls, this is a must-do to get your foot in the door. With this knowledge you can come to the drop-in

sessions on Sundays to create individual whatever your heart desires. >> Details

#3 Throwing Intro: Knowing the material qualities, states and behaviours of the clay is very helpful when joining a workshop on the throwing wheel. The japanese say it takes 20 years to master this skill. If you are unsure of what to expect on the throwing wheel and if this process is for you, then this Intro Session is a great way to find out. In 2 hours you will be guided through the essential hand gestures and grips on the wheel, which leaves you with an understanding wether you wish to dive deeper into the craft of throwing. If you got hooked continue with #4. Btw, this workshop can also be booked as a 2:1 - so feel free to bring your lover, partner, friend or sibling.

Also check the workshops: #6 / #8 / #9

B. For the wheel throwing lovers If you are particular interested in the process of learning to throw pottery on the wheel, and you are someone who is used to working with your hands then this could be for you:

#4 Throwing Class (4 sessions): In this 4 week group class you get the chance to run

through the whole process of creating pottery on the throwing wheel: from wedging the

clay, to practice throwing shapes like bowls or cups, to trimming the feet of the thrown

pieces and finally to glaze your thrown ceramics as you please. This class is a great way to

get introduced to all the different steps on the wheel. After the course you are all set to

keep practicing and imprving your skills during drop-in hours on Sundays. >> Details If you wish to work very focussed within a 2h personal session on one particular challenge or want to learn to throw a particular shape or size, check #3 Throwing Intro (see above).

#5 Throwing Intensive: This one month training is for all those wheel throwing lovers that are super keen on improving their skills on the wheel. You already took at least one

workshop on the wheel and feel like practicing on your own helped you get better but you

want more intense practice time and some guidance here and there or someone to ask when

questions come up, this one is a great way. With this training you get access to the studio 3

days a week to practice for hours on the wheel and ask particular questions to help you improve. >> Details

C. For the determined If you already have experience with clay and wish to improve on a particular skill or want to find fresh inspiration have a look at these unique offers:

#6 Chawan Weekend Workshop: This 10h class spreads over 3 days (2 weekends) and focusses on the theme of Japanese tea bowls. You will be introduced to a particular hand-

building technique that allows you to shape and carve unique bowls or vessels informed by Japanese philosophy such as Zen and Wabi Sabi.  >> Details

#7 Contemporary Ceramics Masterclass: If you already have a good understanding of the

clay and the ceramic process but struggling with creating and developing your own unique

ideas, this is a very useful and special class. The Masterclass is taught by award-winning

artist and designer Anke Buchmann, who will share with you her knowledge and skills

gained during her studies at London's world best art school Central Saint Martins and her

professional career as a creative. In the end of the class you will exhibit your work during a

Vernissage in Anke's Atelier + Showroom in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. After this 9 week

workshop you will no longer need to copy ideas from instagram. >> Details

#8 Glazing Starter: You have created ceramic objects in clay and now want to learn how to

add colour or gloss to it? For this 1,5h intro session you best have a bisque fired ceramic

object (that you might have created in the Ceramic Starter Workshop or the Throwing Intro) to glaze. You will be introduced to the overall glazing process and learn the different

ways to apply glaze to the ceramic piece. After the class you glazed work will be glaze fired

and can be picked up a couple weeks later. >> Details

#9 Solo Coaching for Individuals: You feel like you want to have a dedicated session that

focusses on your knowledge, needs and goals? In that case booking a personal 2h coaching

session with Anke is the best way to dive into topic of your choice, be it with The Playful Kickstart, The Design Thinker,  The Mini Retreat, The Home Studio or another clay related topic. >> Details

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