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A calm and inspiring space

Studio bookings

This atelier is a combination of a ceramic studio in the back and a showroom for contemporary art in the front. These two rooms work naturally together to nurture a space for inspiration on the one hand and freedom of experimentation and creation on the other.  Artists are invited to show their work on the walls, being witnessed and experienced by visitors, while inspiring workshop participants at the same time. If this gives you ideas, keep reading.


For artists

You are an artist, looking for an inviting space to exhibit your work? The showroom with windows to the street is an ideal room of 25m2 to hang your work such as pictures, drawings or wall pieces. Rent the space per day or week. 

Write an email to to ask for possible timings and price details.  

For photo shoots

The  atelier of artist Anke Buchmann is not only a place where she creates and exhibits her work. It is also a creative studio that can be rented for photoshoots.

If you are set designer, photographer, agency or else

feel free to inquire details and prices for a requested time.

Write to


For your ideas

You have another idea on how to make use of the space? You are a group of people wanting to connect within a calm and creative setting? You are interested in offering a workshop?  Whatever it is, don't hesitate to reach out and make a proposal. If it is interesting and fits the overall vision of the atelier, it can be done. 

Write to

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