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This is a nurturing gift for the people you care about. 

With this voucher the gifted can join one session of a tactile Clay Meditation on any available date.


What is the tactile Clay Meditation? 

The tactile Clay Meditation is a conscious process with clay, engaging the hands through tactility, gesture and intuition. Meanwhile the mind can relax and arrive at the same place with the body. Through mindful slow motion gestures and tactile qualities new information from the hands are sent to the brain. It's a calming as well as insightful process, letting you immerse in a journey that relaxes your nervous system and activates new energy and inspiration.


This 1hr Clay Meditation is split into 4 parts:

- Shifting our attention and focus onto the organic material and our body

- Learning to trust the hands and connecting to your intuition

- Expressing your inner world through unique clay objects

- Learning to let go by releasing the physical product


The session will be guided by Anke Buchmann (insta: @ankebuchmann), an award-winning artist and founder of HANDFUL (insta: @handfulceramics).


Who is it for?

This session is for everybody, who is longing to wind down. To take a moment to breathe and empty the mind. It is for everybody who wants to activate the hands and forget about any thoughts, worries or pressure. This experience can help you to look inside yourself.


This experience is perfect for meditation beginners but always welcomes the experienced practioners. The clay makes it very intuitive to calm down and focus, no force needed. You will see how fast time is going to pass by.


Please note, this is all about the experience, rather than creating final clay objects to take home.


How to use the voucher?

Every voucher has a code, that can be used when booking a session here

If you face any difficulty or can't find new appointments please write an email to

Tactile Clay Meditation Voucher

Sales Tax Included
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