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Team Workshops

Let's talk about your needs and I will develop a meaningful concept for you and your team.

Find some workshop ideas below. Depending on the size of your team you can come to my atelier or I come to you.

claymeditation1 (1).jpg

Clay Meditation

The Clay Meditation is a conscious process in which we synchronise our breath and gestures, to set the focus on one thing at a time while the mind can relax. The clay invites us to explore in slow motion the material qualities and create an awareness for our own sensations in the body, learning about personal feelings, thoughts and needs. This session is all about the process, rather than a finished object. This experience creates a chance to relax your nervous system, find new energy and fresh inspiration. Ideal as a regular session to improve resilience and wellbeing.

5-50 people / 1h 

Resilience Training

A hands-on training for more focus, productivity and inner balance in the everyday and work life. The goal of the training is to connect to the own inner resources and potential through the activation of the hands and the organic material clay. We will create awareness of the importance of resilience and explore intuitive methods to strengthen once own resilience.

5-15 people / 4h 

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Play & Connect

Fun, short social activities inspire you and your team and invite you to connect in a playful and expressive way. Let go of daily pressure and perfectionism within a joyful and relaxed atmosphere. You will engage in multiple solo and co-creation activities over clay that leave you excited, motivated and filled with positive energy.

6-25 people / 2h 

Thinking through making

You like Lego Serious Play? You will love serious clay play. Clay allows us to get out of our heads by activating the hands. New ideas and thoughts come to life while visualising and communicating through clay. Meanwhile you find a new level of connection with your colleagues. Let's talk about your topics and questions you want to work with and I will guide you through an informative session to find answers through clay. 

6-12 people / 2-6h

201007_Handful7492 (1).jpg

Slow Crafting

When was the last time you learned something new? Getting to know a new skill activates the beginner's mind and fuels our motivation, passion and focus. Stimulate your senses through the exploration of material, touch and gesture, and express your inner world through intuitive and personal clay objects. 

8 - 20 people / 2hrs

Co-Created Sculpture

Let go of pressure and perfectionism within a joyful, creative and relaxed atmosphere. You will engage in a co-creation activity with clay that leaves you excited, motivated and connected with each other. The final result will be a co-created clay sculpture (on a prefered theme) that will be fired and glazed decorating your office weeks after the workshop. 

8 - 15 people / 2 - 4hrs 

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