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HANDFUL is an invitation to slow down and connect through clay,
while paying tribute to traditional craft methods and material insights.

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Inspiration, balance and connection for individuals and teams found in the material clay. Read what HANDFUL can do for your company.


HANDFUL stands for creativity, tactility and a conscious process with clay. Check out our current offers to activate your hands.


With the HANDFUL kits you can get your hands muddy at home or the office. Find inspiration, methods and materials to activate your inner muse.

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Tactile Clay Meditation

Connecting Teams online


Rooz Toghi

"Calming and grounding experience! Following the instructions and allowing the clay to guide me through a simple process. I would highly recommend it."


Pau Wojnar

"Anke is a fantastic teacher and facilitator. Her workshop was informative, connective, and really fun! So good to get my hands into the clay, especially with all the time I spend online, with a computer. It felt like a great sensory, creative and grounding practice."

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The DO

"Thank you for your empathetic and encouraging style, Anke, and for finding a way to share your passion and art with us as a team!"

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